Stress Less. Live More.

We are stressballs

Like the rest of the world, we struggle with stress. Not just the overabundance of it, which has plenty of negative side effects, but with the management of it in general. And, managing stress can actually be a super power. At least we think it can.

Eustress, or good stress, is actually associated with increased performance, enhanced brain power, and even motivation. If you’re struggling to file those TPS reports on a Saturday, you could probably use some help managing stress, so you can experience less of the bad and more of the good.

We wanted to do something about stress

We created stressballs™ because we wanted to help people get the best from their stress, and to prevent their stress from getting the best of them. Our unique natural formulas work with your body, using herbal blends, to help you destress*:

We like science, we like nature, we like history

We chose these unique herbal blends because they work! The ingredients we use have all been clinically studied.

Ashwagandha – one of the main components in both our stressballs DAY and stressballs NIGHTblends – has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic Medicine. Ashwagandha has numerous health benefits, including reducing stress, and helping with focus*.

Melatonin – a key ingredient in stressballs NIGHT is a naturally occurring hormone in your body that plays a critical role in sleep. Natural melatonin production is connected to time of day, increasing when it’s dark and decreasing when it’s light, but in our uber-connected world, we can sometimes unknowingly affect this production cycle. Elevated stress, fluorescent lights, phone and computer screens can all impact the release on melatonin, which is why we’ve included it in our blend; just in case you happen to work bit too long before bed or want to binge a little on Netflix.

We like freedom

stressballs DAY and stressballs NIGHT are drug-free and non-habit forming. Free from artificial dyes and flavors. We designed our products this way because there are way too many habits, good and bad, that we have to be worried about. Whether a synthetic supplement ends up becoming one of them shouldn’t be a concern.

We like you

We’re big fans of people. We’re mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, and partners and brother and sisters and friends.  We know stress can sometimes get in the way of how well we get along with each other, but it shouldn’t have to. With stressballs, we’re hopeful that you’ll be able to breathe a little lighter, sleep a little deeper, laugh a little harder, smile a little brighter and hug a little tighter.

It’s okay that we’re all stressed. Let’s have a ball, anyway.